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Predicting competitive event outcomes using sports astrology!

Why AstroCapper:

AstroCapper has spent more than 20 years in researching and creating event astrology technique which can correctly predict the outcome of an event between 2 opponents. This technique has been applied and tested in excess of 10 thousand sports events across the globe for 10 years and has an amazing accuracy of more than 80%.


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Astrology and its application:

Astrology can simply be defined as the study of the positions of the heavenly bodies like planets resulting into the manifestation of various events on earth and can help to predict the nature and the timing of future events. As a starting point, a chart or a horoscope is drawn to represent the positions of heavenly bodies like planets and this chart is analysed to predict the future events.
The planets exercise their influence on everything in the solar system whether living or non-living and whether tangible or non-tangible therefore in a sense we can draw a chart or a horoscope of virtually anything including sports events for the purpose of future predictions.