Is It Possible To Win In Sports Through Astrology?

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We live in the age of uncertainty and since our origin as a race, we human beings are always curious to know about our future. Our ancestors, through their observation and research found a connection between planets and their impact on human life. This study of planets and their impact on human life is known as Astrology.

In one of our research study, we have found that planets have equal impact on the non-tangibles or non-living objects as well like in the case of a human life, provided that they have a start time and an end time. In this study, we applied the principles of Astrology over diverse domains like Sports, Events between 2 opponents, Weather Forecast, Stocks Pricing, Commodity Pricing Projections, Business Projections, and Product Life Cycle Predictions and have been fairly successful in creating a technique to predict the impact over above domains except Commodity Pricing Projections which needs more research and study.

The logic is very simple, anything which has a start time and an end time will have a horoscope and we can apply the principles of astrology to predict the future.

Specifically to Sports, we have studied over 10000 events in last 20 years and have created a unique technique based on the principles of Vedic Astrology which can predict the outcome of a Sports Event with fairly decent accuracy of 80%.

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Happy winning!!

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