Types Of Astrology, We Bet You Didn’t Know About

Six types of astrology exist, did you know that? We bet you didn’t.

Human civilizations through the ages, with various socio-cultural complexes, have left indelible records of their achievements and accomplishments. Curiosities have led mankind to the edge of science leading them to explore the link between vastness of the cosmos as well as human existence on earth. Employing various systems, methods, applications, and thoughts, that included common sense, human culture and civilisation diversified and produced knowledge systems that branched into various astrological fields that we find today in the world over. Our ancient gems of astrological predictions held the human mind gripped to such an extent that various culture complexes of yore such as those in India, Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Mayas, and the Incas – based their cultures on the various methods and beliefs of these complex systems of astrology. 

Based on the astrological practices of divination and fortunetelling, various knowledge-systems produced different types of Astrology that is rare as well as important to know. We describe here some of the systems which are rare but recognized for their powerful features and utilities to their respective cultures. Indian astrology, or Vedic astrology, along with the Chinese system, has been clubbed into what is known as the Eastern system. Eastern system, as distinct from Western astrology has different fundamentals on which they stand.

Different Types of Astrology are:

Karmic astrology

A system of astrology that is uniquely based on the belief in the concept of reincarnation. It says that life and living beings go through the endless cycle of births, deaths, and rebirth. Based on the karma they have acquired through their vicissitudes of existence, astrological predictions can be made for individuals for this life as well as the future one that is yet to come. This is a fascinating branch of astrology that needs to be considered and looked into for the believers. Karmic astrology preaches the idea that you have been born and reborn in varied forms before and you will continue with this rebirth cycle into infinity.

Horary astrology

In this type of astrology no rituals, charts or calendars are involved. Also, you don’t need to gaze into the open sky with aided or unaided eyes and try to seek the astrological answers for your future troubles and agonies of existence. Horary astrology is simply based on the theory of causality and synchronicity of time. Since in the olden times tracking of one’s exact time of birth was challenging, this concept has been bypassed for astrological predictions here. Instead, the focus is on the present and the future. Many types of astrology don’t correspond to the system which horary astrology follows.

Medical Astrology

Each body part of the human body system as well as each organ has a symbol attached to them that you call as astrological signs. Since astrological systems are based on planetary and astral movements and positions, medical astrology attempts to deduce the fact that different planets rule different organs of the human body. Medical astrologers base their prediction on the fact that different planets control different body parts. The study of these relationships gives the basic clue to the study to this branch of astrology.

Fixed Stars astrology

Fixed Stars astrology believes that stars never move around the Sun and the Sun is not the center of the universe. They all have always remained fixed in position – static and never ever-changing. Thus planet and bodies in this system are studied in the context of planets and bodies around this concept. This has given birth to the concept and uniqueness of the Fixed Stars Astrology. This comes from the enigma of the vast universe that binds us around its mystery.

Humanistic astrology

Humanistic astrology is what the westerners practice for personal awareness. Their astrological readings are to assist people for karmic issues, their patterns, weaknesses, strengths, and predictions to predict their future.

Relationship astrology

Relationship astrology is the study of relationships between that exists between two people that can be lovers, children, and parents, family members, boss, and employees, etc. This is a unique branch of astrology that predicts as well as improves relationships between human beings.

Thus, based on the pattern, design, vibrations, and thoughts of human mind and creativity different unique branches of astrology have been fashioned that us strange as well as utilitarian.

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