Yes, It Is Possible To Predict Cricket Match Winners Through Astrology

Yes, It Is Possible To Predict Cricket Match Winners Through Astrology

As good as gambling, cricket match winners outcomes hang on the fulcrum of predictions and fortunetelling. While fortunetelling is an art as well as science cricket has always been considered as a game of skills akin to many other games and sports played all over the world.  Technicalities abound when we come across the task of winning or losing in a cricket match. The absence of technical skills may spell doomsday for any cricket team as it gets down to the task of playing its opponents. The more the technically qualified players in a team, the chances of winning becomes manifold.

Cricket, to a great extent, is a game of chance

Let us visualise a cricket match right from its inception. The match itself begins with a toss. Any tossing of the coin has an equal probability of landing on either of its sides. Here, can we predict the outcome of toss? When the coin hits the ground the team is given the choice of deciding batting or bowling. Here, the astrological predictions for cricket match winners to come into play.

Betting is another area that can be subjected to the vagaries of forecasting. Howsoever, a skilled a batsman can be, a little nick at the edge of his bat, a little miscued shot might land the ball straight into the hands of the opponent. A bowler’s fine bowling or a bad day for a batsman – this, for all practical purposes, ends the life a batsman’s innings then and there. Can we look for clues how the opponent’s batsmen will perform based on their stars and planetary positions?

Bowlers, on the other hand, maybe skilled and knowledgeable about that right ball that may leave his rival team’s batsmen stranded. On the other hand, a technically well-trained bowler may not match the hitting prowess of an equally good batsman. Stumps uprooting, the ball flying off the batsman blade to the slip or point for a catch, or a ball flying to the boundary is anybody guess as a bowler runs towards the batsman for the next delivery. Can astrology help a ball by ball prediction here?

The probability of a fielder taking a catch as a ball shoots to him with full force a ball reaching the boundary as it flies or rolls down the ground can be anybody’s guess. But can these be known beforehand?

Yes, astrology helps get the winner

Fixed Stars astrology believes that stars never move around the Sun and the Sun is not the center of the universe. They all have always remained fixed in position – static and never ever-changing. Thus the planet and bodies in this system are studied in the context of planets and bodies around this concept. This has given birth to the concept and uniqueness of the Fixed Stars Astrology. This comes from the enigma of the vast universe that binds us around its mystery.

Numerology, as a pillar of destiny, along with stars and planetary positions, constitute what astrology is comprehensively all about. Based on its expert findings, any knowledgeable scholar of astrology can perfect his art and science to get to the crux of sports, politics, share markers, etc., and bring about useful predictions for its ups and downs, winning and losing.

Disasters like Tsunamis, earthquake, cyclone, droughts, crashes, and accidents have also been known to be predicted beforehand by trained and skilled astrologers. There are innumerable predictions on which the science and pseudoscience of astrology can be tested and used. The potentiality is endless. Then why not cricket? Of course, it is possible to predict cricket match winners through astrology.

There may be times when a team is technically sound, well-trained and has some great players that have made their names in the various departments of batting, bowling, and fielding. Still, the team loses its way into a big defeat.

There may be times when astrological prediction might face the authenticity of accuracy when sometimes when the predicted outcome goes haywire. Doubts emerge and it becomes difficult to trust such a way of fortunetelling. There may be reasons for that. The level of knowledge

For cricket, if one if doing betting, a host of predictions can be produced through numerology and accurate readings of planetary positions. Such as right and wrong timings to win a toss and time to lose a toss can be predicted in an unbelievable manner. Undoubtedly, match-winners and losers can also be named and predicted with amazing accuracy that can break all scientific norms.

This is what science as old as the human civilization itself produces when we apply them to the wonderful sports of cricket for determining the winning team. Perhaps information provided to generations of sages and soothsayers can never go wrong. What we need is how we study and read such information.

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Happy winning!!

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