5 Planet Responsible For Sports In Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is the study of the movement and positioning patterns of celestial bodies. The movements, patterns, and positions of planets and stars imitate the unpredictability of future human matters and its nature. These also reflect the potential about the future of an individual’s career. Sports is one of the courageous and adventurous profession alternatives. To be a good sportsperson one needs some strong attributes in oneself, such as:

  • Physical strength
  • Confidence          
  • Ability to analyze things
  • Great decision-making skills
  • Temperament

Above mentioned attributes are not all. There are many more like these. But it does not mean that if one has all these attributes he or she will be a successful sportsperson. Vedic Astrology plays a very important role in getting success overtime in sports. As in many games where players participating in the event are large in numbers there is a huge part played by luck in winning.

For accomplishing great success in this career, some of the following houses and planets play an important role too, like Mars, Mercury, Sun, etc. and some of the houses like Third and sixth house on your birth chart also play their part. Let’s have a look at how these planets turn around your luck in sports :

Mars: It is the primary planet that represents sportsmanship in Vedic Astrology. An ascendant Mars makes an individual overwhelming and overpowering. At the point when Mars is in an amazing mode, it demonstrates that the individual has great confrontation power and he can prevail upon his rivals. Mars makes an individual tremendously hardworking. At that point when Mars is in its own home and friendly house, at that point, it will make the individual very determined.

Mercury: It shows our rationale and logical capacities as sports need you to use a ton of analytical abilities. Sports like chess rotates around planet Mercury only.

Rahu: It might sound a little unusual, yet Rahu is significant for accomplishment in sports, particularly in the present time where a great deal of glamor and popularity is associated with the sportsmanship. Rahu makes an atmosphere around a sportsman and furthermore lets him win huge resources from it.

Saturn: Huge achievement in sports is not a one-night wonder. Achieving success is a process. Alongside characteristic ability, one has to rehearse each hour to improve their expertise. And here, planet Saturn turns out to be significant, it pushes and ensures you have enough consistency to play at the top level in any game.

Moon: There are chances of injuries in sports, yet continuous injuries can hamper the success rate of a sportsperson. Moon should be a powerful planet in your birth card to be acting like a solid shield from physical injuries. Moon likewise represents hormone in an individual’s body and for achievement in sports. Hormones like testosterone have an extraordinary job.

There are some more planets that effect career in sports. Not only having powerful favorable planets on the birth card but their placement in the house also makes a huge difference.

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Happy winning!!

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