Best Tips On Astrology Cricket Prediction

Best Tips On Astrology Cricket Prediction

Cricket and Astrology: a relationship derived

From its remote beginning in the 16th century in south-east England, till blooming into its international avatar at the end of the 19th century, cricket has come a long way. As a bat-and-ball team game, cricket is played across the world in its various formats of Twenty20, One-Day International as well as test matches. While in its both men-women set-ups cricket as a sport is based on skills, talent and training as much as it is said to be a game of chance.

Right from the activity of toss marking the commencement of the game till the ball-by-ball progress of the game, there hardly is a time in the whole duration of the match, when an element of probability, chance or unpredictability can be completely ruled out for its final result or outcome. Astrology, as one and the only predictive science, has all the potential to get to the core of the requirements of the game of cricket and predict its outcome to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

Any competent, skilled and knowledgeable astrologer is potentially equipped to understand the nitty-gritty of astrology cricket prediction. With the optimum technical finesse of know-how and the finest combination of metaphysics, astrology, and the occult, he or she can produce a permutation and combination that may predict the outcome of any cricket match to a high degree of accuracy.

Astrology Cricket Prediction involves clear acquaintance with astrological facts

Astrological facts dictate the success or failure of a sportsperson. Any knowledgeable astrologer will tell you that success in any sport – cricket, hockey, soccer, football, boxing, tennis, etc., depends exclusively on the favor and strength of the third and sixth houses in the birth chart or horoscope of a player. Besides, according to the Indian astrological specifications, Mars, Mercury, and Rahu need to positively impact a sportspersons path of progress through his sporting career.

The Third House

It has been held astrologically that for the success in physically demanding sports like hockey, cricket, football, wrestling, boxing, etc. the robustness and favor of the third house in the horoscope of an individual is a necessity. Astrological readings providing for a strong and favorable third house enables a person to endeavor for that suitable physical effort that is needed to be physically fit for sports such as cricket.  This, on the other hand, does not apply to any considerable degree to the sports specifically related to mind, such as chess. 

The Sixth House

Cricket involves a lot of pressure situations that need patient and perseverance to get through. The sixth house, besides signaling other ramifications, suggests the presence of enemies or strong rivals. Hence, astrological readings of the sixth house are needed to comprehend the capacity of a cricketer of winning under pressure situations. While an assured victory is the undeniable sign of success, the strength of the sixth house is a must to deliver the best results of one’s efforts in physical sports as cricket. Here, astrological readings suggesting a strong and favorable sixth house can produce positive results within a short span of time without any delay.

Mars and Mercury

Here, we come across the powerful presence of Mars and Mercury to help predict the outcome of the game of cricket-based on their robustness or weakness in a player’s horoscope. Astrological readings of the strength of Mars in the birth chart is an indication of the physical fitness and stamina of a player in the playground. Although cricket as a sport does not require an out-and-out application of physical prowess on the field, nevertheless skill and stamina combines here to produce the results. Strong mar having a positive relationship with the third house blesses the native with strong physique and courage making a useful impact on the players’ performance individually as well as, as a team. Astrological readings of Mercury and its positive relationship with the third and sixth houses add to the technical skills and performance of the player and his sport concerned. Moreover, another aspect is worth a note in the world of cricket and a player’s success on the field. This is the favorable disposition of Rahu in the birth chart. Rahu ensures and encourages a positive and winning attitude for the cricketer concerned.

Astrology cricket prediction does not predict the future in its entirety

Sports astrology, in the context of cricket, can at best explain the trends and tendencies in different areas of the game of cricket. The predictions based on these are oriented on planet cycles which are derived from pure astronomical knowledge, its usage, and its effectiveness. No astrologer claiming astrological cricket prediction should declare full and complete effectiveness and accuracy of his cricket prediction. This is a myth that need not be perpetuated.

However, Astrology Cricket Prediction is a serious business

Actually, astrology is a serious dimension of knowledge having it’s sets of beliefs and practices. Certain prejudices and disbeliefs in the modern era has relegated its status to a pseudoscience. Nevertheless, real cricket prediction astrology follows at best all the techniques and rules of scientific methodology to give it greater degree of credibility of a correct outcome prediction. The only concern of seriousness is that this method and understanding should be applied with perfection for the best cricket predictions.

Sports astrologers should be adept and knowledgeable

Sports astrologers have known well and understood the nuances of sports such as football, basketball, formula 1, boxing and tennis. The game of cricket is not far behind. Based on the placement and movement of stars and planets on the astrological charts of the players in the game, a massive level of accuracy can be derived. Right from the selection of batting or fielding with the toss, to a ball-by-ball account of the game, to the longevity of a batsman’s innings, to the probability of any bowler taking how many wickets, to the final outcome of the match – we do it all with a high degree of accuracy. Astrologers use astrological methods and tools in the assessment of professional cricketers, coaches as well as the opponents to reach a level of prediction which is reasonable and accurate.

Happy winning!!

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