List Of 8 Best Handicappers In The World

Equipped with the finest statistical tools and technologies, handicappers of today are a rare mix of old-world charm and new world order with an out-of-the-world look and feel. Combining every pick, such as money lines, sides, and totals, each individual sport they indulge in, predicting the correct outcome with them becomes a cakewalk. Walk with us as we take you through to the best handicappers in the world.

Win or loss in any sporting contest invariably rests on individual talent and caliber. Nevertheless, luck or chance cannot be ruled out. Our best handicappers in the world are not only great spotters of talent, additionally, but they are also great predictors of outcomes on the sports arena with years of experience left behind.

Sports Betting or Handicappers

Predicting sports contest outcomes via betting is a practice that attempts to predict the winner even before the start of the contest or during its course of action. This is technically referred to as handicapping and there are scores of handicappers in every sports pitch who have mastered the art of predicting sports’ contest outcome with accuracy and finesse. These best handicappers in the world using historical data, statistics, present form of the player and their own instincts to predict the side that will win.

Below is a premium list of the best handicappers in the world who have excelled in various sports over the past several years. You will find some great names in this list and also a few that might surprise you.

Based on such criteria as well as viewer participation, major sports competitions in the world today are:

Bobby Wing

It hardly matters if it’s baseball, football, basketball or hockey. Bobby Wing excels in every sports and every game that he gets into. His motto describes him as a consistent hardworking handicapper with a no-nonsense approach to winning. Already well-reputed as the best handicapper in the year 2018, Bobby Wing has been flying high to the next season.

#1. Jimmy Boyd

To be known as the best handicapper one should be able to win in almost every sporting event. Jimmy Boyd joined the world of sports handicapping in 2006. Since then he has been a tireless worker looking to win every event that he indulges in. In the last 6 years, Jimmy has had at least one top-ten finish in all the major sports events. All in all, he is definitely a capper worth following all the year-round.

#2. Astrocapper

Astrocapper has been at the forefront of sports handicapping for more than 20 years now. Sports astrology being its area of specialisation, Astrocapper basically develops techniques to predict the outcome of competitive sporting events. Ranked as one of the best handicappers in the world, Astrocapper assists in enhancing the correct predictability of any competitive event. Tried and tested across multiple sporting events, it has excelled in various sporting arenas with accurate handicapping.

#3. Ryan Worden

Showing his impeccable knowledge of all the major sports, Ryan Wordenhas did his customers proud by making money in every sport since late last fall. Ryan Worden has been handicapping professionally for 15 years now. When in the last season he exploded on the scene as one of the finest handicappers, it came as a surprise to many.  NFL and College Football might be the two best sports that have been the main forte of Ryan Worden.

#4. Teddy Davis

NBA or College Basketball, Teddy Davis, as a handicapper, has had a golden run in both forms of the sports with equal ease. While handicapping in other sports and games has also been at the top of Teddy’s list, basketball has seen a dream run with his accuracy of predictions. If you still don’t think following Teddy Davis is not a good idea as his exquisite performance in the last 3 basketball seasons have been phenomenal. Winning with Teddy Davis is a habit.

#5. R&R Totals

You don’t have to look carefully to notice who is almost always at the top of money leaderboard. It is without doubt R&R. Finally, what you get is a ton of wins and will make a lot of money by consistently following R&R. Follow R&R as one of the best handicappers in the world. Make your summer months delightful with R&R and bet without apprehensions with them. Assure the best results with R&R.

#6. Jack Jones

As a true professional Jack Jones has been around for a long time and has easily been the best handicappers in the world. In just a decade, Jones has had 13 top 10 finishes between NBA and College basketball. Bettors have prospered with the elegance and grace of timing and method of Jack Jones to predict winner day in and day out. Maybe Jack Jones deserves the credit that has been due to him as one of the best handicappers in the world today.

#7. Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter’s success has been a mix of pure talent, extraordinary drive, and work ethics. He stands tall among the best handicappers in the world. In the last 6 years, he has put his numbers consistently up and against everyone. Be it NFL, NHL or NCAAB, Kyle Hunter has always been worthy of his slot. ‘Consistency’ has been a byword that Kyle Hunter can be described with.

In the last 7 years, John Martin has excelled in top 10 finishes in all 6 major sports leagues and has the reputation of being the most hardworking basketball handicappers in the world over. While he has consistently earned his name with his excellent technique and know-how, John Martin has been a great performer in any sport that he has laid his hands on. Specialising in the game of basketball, John Martin has been one of the best handicappers of the world.

#8. Johnny Banks

When it comes to football betting you can unmistakably count on Johnny Banks. Tons of handicapping talent and an uncanny ability to excel has raised his status to a champion of football betting.  If you are serious players it’s unbelievable to understand you’re not following Johnny Banks. Johnny gets to the top of almost every sporting event that he takes and no doubt, he is one of the top-ranked handicappers in the world.

Happy winning!!

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