Astrological predictions about the 2019 Cricket World Cup

ICC Cricket World Cup

Astrology has the ability to make the predictions across any issue, which may affect the lives and the experiences of individuals, and when it comes to ICC cricket World Cup, things are no different. Astrologers have made different predictions about the World Cup as this has been one of the major events the entire nation is celebrating currently.

We have come across many astrologers predicting the winner of the ICC World Cup, which we, at Astrocapper find little strange and we beg to differ with these astrologers. As per our understanding, which comes after successfully spending more 20 years in research and consultation, the principles of Sports Astrology can only be applied on event-to-event basis and that too on events happening in near future. Our analysis is not based on any random discussions; we have facts and data collected from years which has almost around 80% accuracy in comparison to others who provide nothing more than 60-65% accuracy in their sports astrology prediction.

What most astrologers do is they consider the luck and date of births of the players for predicting the outcome where as our strategy at Astrocapper is based on the principles of Sports Astrology, a technique researched and created by AstroCapper.

AstroCapper’s technique

We have developed a Proprietary technique in sports astrology where we predict the outcome of a competitive event in the immediate future and selecting the most favorable time to enhance the positive outcome of a competitive event.

Based on our research, the technique accurately predicts the outcome of a competing event between 2 competitors or 2 contestants like in sports.

However, the technique can be applied to any other activities as well wherever 2 competing contestants are involved like Elections.

Coming back to ICC cricket World Cup, nothing can be said with certainty as to which team is likely to be the winner as of today but teams like India, New Zealand and Australia have been a force to reckon with always. This makes it possible for any of the team to win the coveted World Cup. While it is also interesting to note that while astrologers have been making predictions for Australia not winning the cup, no one is making any kind of predictions when it comes to other teams who could win the ICC World Cup.

It is now anybody’s guess as to which team is likely to win the coveted cup but it definitely is a fact that both Australia & New Zealand are strong contenders for winning the ICC Cricket World Cup.

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